Citizen Promise Grant Application 

Citizen Promise Grants are awarded to high school students during their senior year of high school. Applications are to be submitted to the Citizen Promise Grant Committee at the end of your graduation year, employment year or military year for which you are requesting support. All information submitted will be held in confidence and used solely for the purpose of grant administration.

Before You Begin the Online Application:

  • Write your essay first: An essay must be included and submitted with your online application. You’ll want to write it first and paste your completed essay into the application form. Preparing this text first eliminates the possibility of losing your hard work when submitting online. Download the instructions & begin >
  • Print this Letter of Recommendation form
    • You’ll need (2) references (at least one (1) high school teacher and (1) community representative, such as a youth minister, work supervisor, etc., )
    • You may scan or take photo of finished Letters of Recommendation and upload with your application form OR send to by email.
  • Have your transcript ready: Your transcript must include your high school attendance record. If your transcript does not include your attendance report, please ask your school to provide an official report. 

Applicants will be invited to a reception at the end of April to introduce themselves to the Citizen Promise Grant Committee and to discuss their upcoming graduation and future plans. You will be contacted via email so please check the email you have provided in the application regularly.

Grant recipients will be required to communicate at least quarterly to an assigned Citizen Promise Committee Member throughout the period of the grant.

Have Everything Ready?

Start Your Grant Application