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The Next Great Americans Tour

The Next Great Americans Tour2017-08-15T08:59:04-05:00

The Next Great Americans Tour delivers free Super Citizen Program kits to schools across the country and kicks off that program with live performances that engage and inspire. In stirring, 45-minute performances, Lady Liberty brings the Statue of Liberty to life; using original video and singalongs to excite students for learning long after the bus rolls away.

After eight to ten weeks of lessons in civics, character, financial literacy, career development and American history, students graduate from the program in grand fashion. Parents, educators, and other community VIPs come together to recognize their achievement and watch as students honor local heroes from the stage. It’s an emotional, unforgettable experience that rallies entire communities around the common cause of teaching, inspiring and empowering our Next Great Americans. See the whole process in this brochure >