Preparing High School Students to be Life, Career and Citizen Ready


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The Citizen Promise Program helps high school students become life, career, and citizen-ready. The model creates an environment for success, sets goals for engagement and rewards achievement. By leveraging public-private partnerships, students are encouraged and supported as they learn about founding documents of American history and their relevance today. Students are challenged to apply corresponding concepts to develop essential skills, build character and increase community involvement through Citizen Actions. Students will use their Time, Talent and Treasure to make an impact on their community. Opportunities throughout the year help inspire and educate the whole citizen by ensuring the comprehension of critical civic, character, historical and career / life knowledge. Liberty Learning Foundation rallies a “Promise Ring” of passionate partners  to support and mentor students in their community. School administrators, counselors and teachers facilitate, mentor, and celebrate student achievements. Together, we help students engage in real-world opportunities, giving them a firm foundation and a roadmap for the paths they choose after graduation.

Students assemble together for an interactive / informational talk challenging them to take up the Citizen Promise! The conclusion of the rally ends with a call-to-action.

Individuals and businesses are recruited to help. They invest time as mentors and volunteers and may offer resources to support the students in their personal growth.

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Citizen Promise Student Ambassadors are a small group of student leaders (9th, 10th, 11th and 12th graders) dedicated to the positive promotion of students becoming life, career, and citizen ready. The students will work on a volunteer basis to serve as liaisons between the school body, community and Liberty Learning Foundation. Students who are chosen will serve as peer-to-peer motivators, actively keeping students involved in Citizen Promise activities throughout the school year. These students are an essential component to promoting the Citizen Promise at school and businesses in the community, possibly speaking on television and radio about the Citizen Promise initiative ...

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Students establish school and career goals, create resumes, and research colleges and career opportunities using this powerful tool. The platform is also a holding place for special projects, papers and awards.

Students are incentivised to participate in life, career, and citizen-ready opportunities in their community, ultimately carrying them on journeys that change their lives …  and those they impact in the process.

These grants will be awarded to Seniors through multifaceted criteria. Awards may be used to fund equipment needed in a new job, college or technical school expenses, computer or job interview needs, etc.

Deadline for submitting grant application, letters, essay is no later than February 2, 2024.

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