Providing civic education programs & live experiences that improve child, community & country. With your help, we donate groundbreaking resources, train teachers, mobilize volunteers & orchestrate emotionally charged events to teach, inspire & empower our Next Great Americans.


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Empowering educators to teach civics, character, financial literacy, career readiness and our Great American Story alongside required subjects; producing outstanding young citizens who are truly life and career-ready.

The Impact Stats


Since 2010

0Students Impacted
The Super Citizen Program engages students in learning crucial lessons in civics, character, financial responsibility, career building and our Great American Story. Through grants and donations, Liberty Learning Foundation donates these free tool kits to teachers and puts on powerful performances that increase understanding and retention of concepts.
0Schools & Communities Impacted
Liberty Learning Foundation orchestrates kickoffs, celebrations, teacher training and volunteer coordination to make sure students have educational experiences they will never forget. In addition, when local heroes are honored at Graduation Celebrations, the entire community is re-energized as students honor local heroes from the stage. This all-hands-on-deck approach creates a culture of support, guidance and empowerment for hometown America’s youth.
0Super Citizen Kickoff Events

The Next Great Americans Bus Tour arrives at schools to put on high-energy educational performances to kick off the Super Citizen Program in schools across the country. The 45-minute theatrical show features original music, video and an awe-inspiring show by Libby Liberty. The costumed character brings the Statue of Liberty to life and introduces students to the program they will begin when the bus rolls away. Press, business leaders and local officials are always on-hand to show community support for our Next Great Americans!

0Kits Delivered & Teachers Trained
Teachers in 1-2, 3rd, 4th or 5th grade classrooms receive the Super Citizen Program Resource Kit free courtesy of donors and grants. Liberty Learning Foundation’s education team delivers kits, thoroughly trains teachers and works with volunteers to maximize the program’s impact.
0Graduation Celebrations
The Graduation Celebration is likely the most emotional and memorable piece of the Super Citizen Experience. Local dignitaries, press, community leaders and parents are on-hand as students receive graduation certificates, recite the Super Citizen Pledge and honor local heroes from stage. There’s seldom a dry eye in the room.
0Local Heroes Honored
In the Torch Teams unit of the Super Citizen Program, students and teachers work together to explore the character and actions of everyday heroes in their own communities. In addition, these “teams” utilize career building concepts and entrepreneurialism to raise money to purchase Authentic Liberty Replicas they will ultimately present to their heroes on stage at Graduation Celebrations. The motto of Torch Teams is simple: “When you honor a hero, you become a hero!”

Average Test Scores


Through in-depth learning, real-world practice and self-examination, students discover and define their important roles in America’s future. Lessons in civics, character, financial literacy, and American history create a road map for outstanding young citizens.

Test scores improve an average of 35%. And because every step of the program is entertaining and engaging, retention is off the charts.

And there are intrinsic benefits which are impossible to quantify: as students honor heroes from stage, they are transformed. Their gratitude and big-picture comprehension is palpable. Those are the life lessons that make an indelible impact in the classroom, the community and the country. And they are critical to the success of our Next Great Americans.

0Classroom Volunteers
Implementing the Super Citizen Program takes a village. Teachers benefit from volunteers in the classroom and students are shown they have a community of people who care about their future. Liberty Learning Foundation trains volunteers, arms them with volunteer kits and coordinates with teachers. It’s this collaboration that creates an unprecedented impact from the Super Citizen Program.

Liberty Learning Foundation is proud to have its Super Citizen Program events presented as part of ALABAMA 200 festivities. The initiative is designed to support, create, and execute events and activities that commemorate the stories of our people, place, and path to statehood. Between 2017 and 2019, ALABAMA 200 will engage residents and visitors in educational programs, community activities, and statewide initiatives that teach, inspire, and entertain.