Super Citizen / Hands on Learning Program (Grades K-2)

Fun & Civics Go Hand-in-Hand!
The grades K-2 Super Citizen program is a groundbreaking 4-part method that uses hilarious, one-of-a-kind hand-puppet videos, music, hands-on activities and a powerful group activity to help educators round out the equation for teaching civics, character, financial literacy, career exploration and personal responsibility to students. The program is an age-appropriate precursor to the Super Citizen (3-5) program. While both programs can be implemented independently, we believe in the power of repetition and reinforcement to solidify these crucial life lessons.

A Kickoff They Will Never Forget:
As their first touch point in the Super Citizen Program, these K-2nd grade students need to be inspired! When Libby Liberty™ & Mr. Palmer from the Hands on Liberty series team up for live events in the school, the experience is beyond words! Libby Liberty™ takes the stage to bring history to life and introduce children to the important program they will begin when the kickoff concludes. And resident jokester Mr. Palmer introduces them to all the characters who will guide them through the video-led units in the program. As in the grade 3-5 program, students sing “You in the U.S.A.” together to wrap up the event!

Tools, Techniques & Technology to Teach Outstanding Citizens:
The multimedia employed in the series boosts interest, engagement and retention and paves the way for the most important activity that happens in classrooms: hands-on learning. Core concepts are paired with course of study requirements when possible, giving passionate educators the flexible and fun tools they need to teach, inspire and empower our Next Great Americans. The Super Citizen Resource Kit contains The Hands on Liberty DVD, teacher’s guide, student booklets, Liberty Crowns, flags, Helping Hands pin, free online access to digital curriculum and more.

Taking Lessons-Learned Beyond School Walls:
The included “Helping Hands” project has students nominate and honor a person in their school / community who is already doing the work of a Super Citizen. The honoree is invited and honored at the Super Citizen graduation ceremony. Students learn gratitude, collaboration, public speaking and self confidence in this concluding piece of the Super Citizen Program. The experience is a powerful way to involve parents and VIPs while making an emotional, lasting impression on students. These community events let our Super Citizens show parents, press, local leaders and educators that they are succeeding in becoming outstanding citizens. The gatherings also serve as a meeting place for community stakeholders to unite around the common causes of education and civic engagement.

Mr. Palmer & Friends Lend a Hand in Teaching Civics, Character, Financial Literacy, Careers & History!

In The Kit:

  • (1) “The Hands on Liberty” DVD
  • (1) Teacher’s Guide & binder with instructions, activities and reproducibles
  • (25) Student workbooks
  • (25) Graduation certificates
  • (1) “The Libby Liberty Collection” book
  • (1) “Helping Hands” honoree Statue of Liberty lapel pin in gift box
  • (25) Crowns
  • (25) Flags

“With this program, you’re going to be instilling the values and ideas and integrity that will cause this to be a better generation of Americans.” – Lyles Burke, Judge, Alabama Criminal Court of Appeals

Our Focal Symbol: The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is a symbolic focal point for all Liberty Learning programs. She is an enduring symbol of freedom and is the embodiment of the ideas and ideals our country is founded upon. Her history is the perfect introduction to our great American story. And it is a reminder of the amazing opportunities and responsibilities we have as citizens of the United States.

Inside each Super Citizen Program kit is a Torch Team Heroes Pin. Students will be able to reward their Torch Teams heroes with the included Torch Pin.

Libby Liberty™ Brings History to Life:

Because we can’t transport every student to New York to be inspired by The Statue of Liberty, we’ve brought her to you! Our Libby Liberty™ character leads educational performances full of song, video and historical facts that students will never forget.

She appears on program videos and is also the character behind several children’s books!

Watch a Libby Liberty Performance

“So many teachers think that social studies is just a fluff subject that you can just dispense with. I say to them, “No. It’s got to be as integral as integral as learning phonics, as integral as learning their multiplication facts. Because if they are not good citizens, then how are we going to use those academics skills?”- Stephen Miller, Elementary Programs District Curriculum Specialist, Huntsville City Schools

The Liberty Learning “Pillars and Foundations of Outstanding Citizens”

The Liberty Learning “Pillars and Foundations of Outstanding Citizens” begin with an understanding that mastery of teach-to-test subjects alone will not ensure responsible citizens.

Our curriculum adds the “pillars” of Character Development, Financial Responsibility and Career Readiness–all on a “foundation” of our great American story that gives students a context for understanding their important roles in America’s future.

The pillar concepts are taught in conjunction with required subjects across the curriculum. Depth of study increases throughout the K-12 life cycle; preparing young adults with the life skills, passion and character they need to succeed.

“The Super Citizen Program exemplifies the best of what I want for our kids. I’m a strong supporter of it. If it’s not in a school, it should be.” – Barry Wood, Asst. Principal, Strong elementary School

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