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“I support America. I support freedom … and I support all the things that Liberty Learning is doing.”

Lee Greenwood, Singer/Songwriter

“It’s just truly, truly a wonderful program and it really stands for the things that our bank stands for, that I stand for, what our Chairman, our President and all of us stand for. And that’s to get these children to understand to be better citizens, to be better people, we’ll begin to change the world.”

Matt Cooper, Executive VP of CB&S Bank in Russellville City

“We’ve connected civic responsibility and community leaders with learning and that is very powerful and so we are excited to be a part of it.”

Angela Mangum, Superintendent of Selma City Schools

“I really feel that the program is valuable and that it does a wonderful job of pulling the community and the school together to create a positive learning experience for our students. This type of instruction about civic responsibility has been sorely needed, and I feel that it has given us a degree of pride back in our country and in our roles as citizens of this great nation”

Tracy Walsh, 3rd Grade Teacher, Newton Elementary School

“I know they’re walking away with self-esteem, higher thinking skills, believing it’s okay if you want to be a doctor, it’s okay if you want to be mailman – as long as you have that passion and you know whatever you do is going to impact our country.”

Kristan Davis, Gifted Specialist in Enterprise City Schools

“We are defense and aerospace defense company and we want to let our people know what it takes to be free and our young people we need to train for that. You can see the energy in this room, you can see that the kids really want to be involved so I cant think of another way for this generation to learn the freedoms of this country.”

Bill Wahlheim, Vice President of Community Affairs QinetiQ

“It was a very exciting program and I was so excited to see the kids excited! I know that this program will be great fruit for our community, and for our state and for our nation. I think it is important for any age group and especially for fifth graders. These children are starting to go into teenage years and form opinions and ideas and what better way to help them form those opinions with a great program like this.”

Dr. Dee Fowler, Madison City Schools Superintendent

“I am so glad my students participated in the Super Citizen Program. It promoted an understanding of each student’s role as a productive citizen in this great country that we live in while encouraging patriotism.This program helped our students become aware of issues that have molded our country into the nation of opportunity that ensures the same freedoms to all its citizens.”

Gay Ingram, 5th Grade Teacher, Southside School, Etowah County

“The sponsors are investing in our children, they are investing in our future, they are taking those young minds and helping them realize what they are gonna be in the future. They are going to be leaders and that is so important. The sponsorship in this program is one that takes a young student and turns them into a citizen and turns them into part of the community. You take it to those levels, you are doing something special.”

Tommy Battle, Mayor of Huntsville

“It was phenomenal today. The students were so excited when they saw Lady Liberty. They just could not believe that we had actually brought her here from New York city. I really didn’t realize the magnitude of the program until we started seeing all the community members arrive here today. To see the support that they were giving was just really exciting. I would like to thank all of the Alabama Power team that came for the support. It is amazing the things that they are doing for our community and I am really glad to be apart of it.”

Angela James – Principal MacMillan International Academy

“The Super Citizen Lessons were set up in a clean manner that made it self explanatory on what was expected to be taught in the lesson.”

Catherine Preston- 5th Grade Teacher, Johnson Elementary School

“I was really impressed with the kids. I know they really worked hard and it was really impressive seeing them today getting excited about learning about Freedom and liberty. It makes me really proud because I know we invest in the kids and the community.”

Denise Spraggins – Customer Service at Regions Bank

“Thank you for your commitment and your willingness to support your students. I can’t tell you how excited I am that you are excited about the LIBERTY’S LEGACY program. Many of you are already making the connections between the program and our curriculum and how the two can reinforce each other. This is only the beginning.”

Reeivice L. Girtman- Principal of Eufaula Elementary School (To his teachers)

“I think the Super Citizen program is a great supplemental program to help support the Common Core Standards set by the department of education here in Atlanta Georgia. It helps expose our kids to different areas of citizenship that they may not necessarily be able to see or read about on an everyday basis and it helps get them more interested in being a more productive citizen.”

Tiffany Bernie Foil – Assistant Principal at William M Finch elementary school

“We are applying what we’re learning to our lives. Students have chosen 8 super citizens from our community, so we are working toward earning enough to order our statues. We’re over half way now. We have used the super citizen platform as a springboard for many things. I asked the students to write persuasive paragraphs to tell me what they would change in their school. That has led to 5th grade students beginning a new club, “Friends for Change,” and working to fund a project to improve our playground. I believe we are motivating students to get involved in their community, work together for the good of others, and raising self-esteem as well. We do have the next, great Americans sitting in our classrooms.”

Sandra Sandlin – 5th grade Teacher at Vinemont Elementary School

“I think it is a great program, I truly do. It was a very emotional program. I was very honored. I was very thankful. You sometimes think that children, 5th grade don’t see what you do and don’t appreciate what you do and so it was very humbling to know that they do pay attention and appreciate what we do in the schools. I just appreciate the opportunity that the sponsors have allowed us to have and it’s a big plus for our school system.”

Audra Lloyd – Library Media Specialist – Monroeville Middle School

“Every volunteer seemed well prepared. It was wonderful having a different face coming in and talking to the students.”

Angela P. Davis- 4th Grade Teacher, Golden Springs Elementary School

“Our partnerships are not important; they’re crucial. Everybody looks to government to be the end all, the solution. Government can do some things, but it’s corporate citizens like Alabama Power that really brings it to life, and brings it to the masses, to the level where most people live.”

Mike Grayson, Mayor of Demopolis

“It was great. I really enjoyed it. I love working with the kids and I always tell them they can become a great hero. When I was nominated, it was very touching, when they told me at first I cried. You know I always try to do my best and be an example for them. Alabama Power have always been supportive of our community projects and they are a great assist to any program they present.”

Faye Carstarphen – Secretary at Monroe Elementary

“WOW! The closing ceremony was awesome (in the words of my kids)! Thanks again for everything!”

Angela Benefield- 5th grade teacher Duck Springs Elementary School

“I thought the program was really phenomenal. I just love that the students are enthused about being great citizens and showing their civic responsibility. Thank you Alabama Power, we couldn’t do this type of program and help our children become productive citizens without your help.”

Christopher Blair – Thomasville City Schools – Central office director for curriculum and technology

“It’s great. I’ve been here the last three years and its good for the kids. It gives them something to hold onto, you know that they can expand on all year and respect the community. I do want to thank Alabama Power for sponsoring this. It’s a great program and we appreciate it.”

Robert Harris – Chairmen of Lawrence County Commission

“This has been a great program for our schools because it has reminded our students of the value of citizenship and the value of America. This program is invaluable to our school system.”

Alan Cosby – Superintendent – Etowah County Schools

“Very, very excited about it. It sounds like a fantastic program and I appreciate Alabama Power for bringing it to our school. I think it is so important for children to understand the things that make America exceptional. I talk to adults all the time and give speeches in a lot of places and so many of them are missing the value, the beauty of what this country is, so that’s why I am so excited that this is coming out to our kids.”

Scott Beason – Senator

“I thought the program was really phenomenal. I just love that the students are enthused about being great citizens and showing their civic responsibility. Thank you Alabama Power, we couldn’t do this type of program and help our children become productive citizens without your help.”

Levon Heates – Mayor of Grove Hill Alabama

“Ive seen this program grow and become something that none of us expected, we knew it was gonna be good, but it’s great and I think that its just unbelievable!”

Nancy Stewart- Regions Bank

“Awesome. This was a great program. I’m just so proud of my children to see how much they enjoyed it. Partnerships are critical, and Alabama Power has been a leader in this community. Thank you so much. Words just cant express the appreciation that I have for what you have done for our community. If you could just see the smiles on the children’s faces, how much they enjoyed the program.”

Keith Stewart – Superintendent Bullet county Schools

“I thought the program was absolutely outstanding. We’ve just got to take care of the United State of America and be great leaders and these kids are some of the leaders that we are going to have in the future”

Richard Long – Mayor City of Jackson