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"The sponsors are investing in our children, they are investing in our future, they are taking those young minds and helping them realize what they are gonna be in the future. They are going to be leaders and that is so important. The sponsorship in this program is one that takes a young student and [...]

Tommy Battle, Mayor of Huntsville

“I was so impressed. I mean what an amazing show! It was so fun they didn’t even call it learning, so this was just so great. The younger we can start teaching them our history and the legacy and joy of liberty and freedom the better. This is the age we can mold them and [...]

Rena Anderson – Director of Community Relations for Huntsville City Schools

“I honestly can’t choose (my favorite lesson)! My class had many awesome and beneficial conversations from many of the lessons!”

Rita Bonner- 3rd Grade Teacher, Eufaula Elementary School

“Thank you so much, we just cant tell you enough how much we appreciate what you do for our schools and for bringing something like this to us, its such an amazing program.” I hope they keep the excitement that we saw today with the kickoff and I hope that they think deeply about Liberty [...]

Jan Coryell-Mahone – 5th grade teacher

“Just a follow-up from Liberty’s Legacy Marketplace-I have a student that was so inspired, he is planning on getting his business license, and has started creating his own website for advertising. It was the student who made the coasters. I am so proud of him. This is another reason why I love this curriculum and [...]

Faith Plunkett- 5th grade Teacher, Monte Sano Elementary

“It was phenomenal today. The students were so excited when they saw Lady Liberty. They just could not believe that we had actually brought her here from New York city. I really didn’t realize the magnitude of the program until we started seeing all the community members arrive here today. To see the support that [...]

Angela James – Principal MacMillan International Academy

“The Super Citizen Lessons were set up in a clean manner that made it self explanatory on what was expected to be taught in the lesson.”

Catherine Preston- 5th Grade Teacher, Johnson Elementary School

“I was really impressed with the kids. I know they really worked hard and it was really impressive seeing them today getting excited about learning about Freedom and liberty. It makes me really proud because I know we invest in the kids and the community.”

Denise Spraggins – Customer Service at Regions Bank

“Thank you for your commitment and your willingness to support your students. I can’t tell you how excited I am that you are excited about the LIBERTY’S LEGACY program. Many of you are already making the connections between the program and our curriculum and how the two can reinforce each other. This is only the [...]

Reeivice L. Girtman- Principal of Eufaula Elementary School (To his teachers)

“I think the Super Citizen program is a great supplemental program to help support the Common Core Standards set by the department of education here in Atlanta Georgia. It helps expose our kids to different areas of citizenship that they may not necessarily be able to see or read about on an everyday basis and [...]

Tiffany Bernie Foil – Assistant Principal at William M Finch elementary school