To our teachers, parents, donors, students and friends: In this difficult time, public health is of utmost importance. Accordingly, our in-school performances were called to a close temporarily–and then for the remainder of the school year following the decision to keep Alabama schools closed until next year.

But the mission continues as strongly as ever: As students begin online and at-home learning we have deployed our entire education, events and marketing team to create and deliver (digitally, of course) even more enrichment activities that continue lessons in civics, character, financial literacy, character and, now more than ever, civic responsibility.

We’re leveraging our people and resources to improve programs, to allow for future distance learning if necessary and to help teachers personally with the hurdles they will face over the coming months.

To all of you: Stay safe. Stay home. Be Super Citizens.

Love & Peace to you all – Liberty Learning Foundation Team


A NOTE ABOUT THE FUTURE: In the coming months and year, our foundation’s financial resources will no doubt be affected by this pandemic and the economic fallout that follows. Companies we relied on will make cuts. If you are in a position to ensure this All-American mission continues its success and growth, please contact us to let us know how you can help. Thank you.