The Liberty Learning events and education teams have been hard-at-work ensuring that our programs for K-12 students are engaging and impactful whether they’re experienced in the classroom, virtually … or somewhere in-between.

Today, we helped schools kick off the American Character Program by way of a custom made video that introduced the program, local sponsors and the people who will help students as they begin putting their “character in action”!

Anna Quillin and Ashley Woodson (both actresses who also perform as Libby Libby™ for our younger students in the Super Citizen Program) get students excited about learning character education by studying historical American characters in a fun comic-book-based format.

In the course of the program, the students are also challenged to model the behaviors and traits of these characters to dream up big idea, propose solutions and begin making an impact right in their own communities.

Traditionally, these events have happened in large auditoriums or in classrooms with Liberty Learning representatives, local leaders and mentors in attendance. However, today, we delivered messages from the caring community right to the screen for these students.

We look forward to working hand-in-hand with educators, students and local mentors (who will spend time with students in the classroom or virtually) before returning to take in all the amazing ideas students showcase at the American Character Expo. The expo allows students to share their ideas and solutions with peers, local leaders and mentors and helps them understand how they can make huge impacts beginning … NOW!