With 575 second graders in attendance, the Super Citizen Celebration at Albertville Primary School was a HUGE success! In addition to receiving graduation certificates from the Super Citizen Program, they took the lessons they learned in the classroom and practiced them in the real world.

Today, that practice included honoring 23 local heroes who embodied the characteristics they have been learning about in the program. This emotional event caps months of learning in civics, character, financial literacy and social studies. Huntsville-based Liberty Learning Foundation donated the teaching kits (The Hands on Learning civics) and orchestrated these large events to help students understand they are part of something bigger … that they are important parts of their classes, communities and country.

Honored Today as “Helping Hands Heroes”

  • Judge Jay Mastin – Hannah Mastin (Rogers)
  • Mary Kelley – Harli Morton, Steven Felipe Vasquez (Doyle)
  • Mrs. Vanessa Fowler – Kaydence Mason(Foley)
  • Billy Casey – Caleb Casey (Hope/Sims)
  • Charlotte Hopkins – Shiloh Barreto Perez (Massey)
  • Debbie Richards – Grace Patterson(-Garrison)
  • Mr. Allen Fox – Katy Grace Willoughby(Dobbs)
  • Mrs. Candi McCullars – Amin Cruz(Turner)
  • Mrs. Leslee Scott – Alana Teague(Isom)
  • Emily Burson -Wilson – Allen Parker (Rayna)
  • Paul Malone – Levi Bouldin, Zori Elis Padilla (Bearden)
  • Ramona Hall, Art – Shelby Adams (Reese)
  • Mr. Darren Young – Guadalupe Jimenez, Andy Vasquez (Rains)
  • Jimmy Umphrey – Jakai Hudgins (J. Smith)
  • Josh Isbell – Wyatt Traylor (Buchanan)
  • Sharon Bubbett – Lisa Jones (Gregg)
  • Jennifer Young – Savannah Cuzzort (Franklin)
  • Mayor Tracy Honea – Elijah Johnson (M. Smith)
  • Betina Beasley – Lexy Lee (Diamond)
  • Renchi Rachel Camp – Kindrick Kirkland, Olivia Walker (Turk)
  • Austin McCullars – Kaylen McCullars (Darnell)
  • Mrs. Lakur Yu – Ethan Hamilton (Busha)
  • Mr. Mitchell Burgess – Pearl Bilbrey (Woodall)

Get a glimpse of the event and the students who are becoming our Next Great Americans in the photo gallery below!