It is a nice & toasty August afternoon here in Rome, Georgia and The Next Great Americans tour bus is about to pull away from East Central Elementary School. We have had such fun here today!

First, we met new principal Parke Wilkinson. Mr. Wilkinson is originally from New Jersey…that’s really close to where I live in New York City! The funny thing is, that Mr. Wilkinson said that he, and many others that live in that area, have never actually been to visit me! Maybe he’ll get the chance someday. I LOVE having visitors!

The students at East Central were very interested in finding out exactly what they will be doing while participating in the Super Citizen program. They had such good questions for me!

We were also excited to have Mayor Evie McNiece join us for the program! Mayor McNiece said that she was glad to be invited to a program that involved children and our country. Did you know that Mayor McNiece is the first ever female Mayor of Rome, GA?! So glad she could be with us!

The thing that really struck the Liberty Learning Foundation team here at East Central was the kindness and friendliness of the people we met. It’s good to know that the students here already have great examples of Super Citizens!

Tomorrow it’s on to Gainesville, GA and more adventures at McEver Arts Academy!