Friday was a busy day for the Liberty Learning Foundation Team! We visited two schools in the Jackson, TN area!

Our first stop was Beech Bluff Elementary in Beech Bluff, TN. They welcomed us bright & early Friday morning! Beech Bluff is not big in numbers, but it more than made up for that with their huge patriotic spirit! The faculty there shared with us their love for their country and the Constitution! They were excited to have the Super Citizen kick-off so close to Constitution Day, which is September 17th.

Thank you to Ms. Amy Reed, Beech Bluff’s guidance counselor, for your help in the show and for bringing us to Beech Bluff!

Our second stop was at Nova Elementary in Jackson, TN. We could tell from the beginning that the students at this school had been looking forward to our kick-off program for a while! Teachers at Nova had been telling the students about our visit and playing our tour anthem for them before we got there! They were ready to go!

Several students helped our team to set up when we arrived and pack up when we left. We were so impressed with the politeness and maturity of the Nova students, and we  really appreciated their help!

Thank you to Principal Kippi Jordan, Ms. Terri Johnsey, and Ms. Aimee Evans for your hospitality and passion for what you do! We were also glad that Meagan from WBBJ could join us. WBBJ ran a story on our visit to Nova on Saturday!

Monday morning we head to Dean Road Elementary in Auburn, AL!