On Tuesday, November 8 we stopped by Belvedere Elementary in Belvedere, South Carolina!


Assistant Principal Kimmerie Lee thought that the Belvedere students really enjoyed the show. She said that they would never forget when I came out of that crate! She even told us how that she heard some of the children singing “You in the USA” as they walked down the hall after the show.


We do hope that the students remember the show that we put on for them, but mostly we hope that they remember and take with them the lessons of the Super Citizen Program. I am so glad that we are able to continue to be of service to all of the students that we visit even after we leave.


We were glad to have a photographer from the North Augusta Star join us for the show!


Thank you to Ms. Lee, and Principal Alison Churm for welcoming our tour to your school, and thank you to Ms. Cathey Farrell for bringing us to Belvedere!


Wednesday the Next Great Americans tour visited Wheeler Elementary in Alamo, GA!


We received such a warm welcome at Wheeler! The faculty and staff were so helpful to us!


I was glad to see many of the students wearing the Lady Liberty crowns from our Super Citizen kit! After the show, I got to visit with the K-2 students in their classrooms! We visited for a bit and took some pictures. We had a great time!


We were also glad to welcome Superintendent Dr. Mark Davidson to the show! He shared with us after the show that he believes that each new generation seems to take our liberties more for granted. He was excited that the Super Citizen Program teaches the value of these freedoms and the sacrifices that have been made to preserve them.


Thank you to Ms. Barbara Avery, Principal Ronda Hightower, Ms. Joy Warren, Ms. Cindy Bowen, and Mr. Samuel Burdette for all of your help and generosity!