Story courtesy of MOBILE, Ala. (WPMI)

What’s a good way to cut down on crime?   Giving people a sense of pride in their community and country. That’s what Alabama power is pushing.  The company has teamed up with five local elementary schools to reach kids at a young age. The goal is they will grow up to respect their country and be good citizens. Instilling a love and respect for their country, what it represents and the people who live in it is the goal for the liberty legacy program.  These third graders at Eichold-Mertz elementary school are  not just learning about their history, they’re learning how to be good citizens.  According to the program sponsor, being good citizens translates into less crime in our communities. “It helps them to understand how our government works.  It teaches them social skills, good character and education,” said Principal Dr. Michelle Dumas Principal Dr. Michelle Dumas said she’s seen the difference the liberty legacy program has made.  The kids are eager to learn facts about their country.  They’re even more excited to share their good citizen skills with the younger kids in their school. “Help them learn to read, to count, help them with their addition and subtraction problems,” said third grader Eduardo Estalonte. Spotlighting different role models in their community is also part of the program. “Helps them understand how we work together hand and hand to create a better place and better country,” said Dr. Dumas. This is the first year for the liberty’s legacy grant in Mobile.  The goal is to extend it to other schools next year.

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