In an educational experience that normally features hundreds of elementary students gathered to cheer, sing and celebrate together, this year’s Super Citizen Kickoff at [#] is happening a little differently due to COVID-19. A new video-led “virtual kickoff” is delivering engagement and enthusiasm to help schools teach civics, character, history, financial literacy and careers whether students watch inside smaller classrooms or in the safety of their own homes.

Libby Liberty Leads Virtual Civics Program

Libby Liberty™, seen here discussing her “patina,” brings history to life and introduces students to their important roles as citizens.

Libby Liberty™, the Statue of Liberty character who normally arrives in auditoriums to bring history to life on stage, now jumps off the screen to introduce students to the 10-week program they’re beginning. Students (and parents) hear from the Liberty Learning Foundation Education Team, they are introduced to the COMMUNITY of sponsors who care enough to keep the program free of charge, and they are guided on a journey that reminds them why their roles as Super Citizens are so important in America’s future.


Libby Liberty™ leads a “U! S! A!” chant to coax Mr. Palmer out of hiding to introducing him to students. Both characters will teach students about civics, character, financial literacy, careers and more during the program.


Students in multiple grades are participating in the Super Citizen Program. The younger grades are taught by an innovative civic education program starring Mr. Palmer (the hand-puppet host of the “Hands on Liberty” DVD series). Upper elementary grades learn from the original Super Citizen Program kit that features DVD-based lessons, class activities and the emotional, unforgettable “Torch Teams” project-based learning experience. In Torch Teams, students team up, nominate, vote for and, ultimately, honor local heroes from stage at their graduation later this year. They learn that “When you honor a hero, you become a hero.”


These crucial lessons are being taught thanks to funding from sponsors who understand that these lessons must be taught despite school budget cuts–and especially in these times where civic duty, voting, and character issues are so important. Students finished the virtual event singing along to the program’s signature song, “YOU in the U.S.A.”

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If schools and students were able to contribute photos from their virtual event, see them in the gallery below. And stay tuned for stories and photos from program Celebration and Torch Team heroes in the coming months!

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