Today we visited McEver Arts Academy in Gainesville, GA!

We held our presentation in the library, and I’m thinking that when we all sang one of our tour theme songs, “You in the U.S.A” –that was probably the loudest that library has ever been!


The media staff at McEver was so helpful to us during our visit! Thanks so much to Ms. Kittye Nivens & Ms. Sandra Booth! We appreciate all you did!

McEver is a new school that I believe just started this year! We saw several signs around the school stating McEver’s mission:









I also read this statement in their “Beliefs”


We believe that it is the right and responsibility of every individual to be a productive member of our school community and our society.

Sounds like a “Super Citizen” to me! I know that the Super Citizen program will help them meet these goals (and others) with the wonderful students at their school!

We also want to say thanks to McEver’s principal, Dr. Catherine Rosa, for helping us kick-off the program today, and to Ms. Sarah Lux for helping to bring us to McEver Arts Academy! We had a great time!


The Next Great Americans tour bus is currently en route to Columbus, GA! We are looking forward to joining a few others from the Liberty Learning Foundation team tomorrow at  Downtown Elementary Academy!