On Wednesday we stopped in at East Washington Academy in Muncie, Indiana.


The first thing I got to see when I arrived was the wonderful Statue of Liberty artwork done by the East Washington students! Ms. Kristie Inman took me down the halls of the school to a display case full of drawings and other depictions of me done by students in all grade levels! But, here’s the interesting thing: the art teacher didn’t even know that I was coming to visit when she decided that I would be the subject for the art projects! The students did such a great job! There were even plaster “Statues of Liberty!” I loved getting to see such talent on display!


I have to say- it didn’t take much work to get the East Washington students excited! They were full of energy and enthusiasm! It is always so much fun to visit schools like this one. I know that they will enjoy the Super Citizen Program if they dive into it with as much enthusiasm as I saw while I was there!


Thank you to Ms. Inman for bringing us to East Washington and to Mr. Blakely for welcoming us to your school. Also, thank you to Coach Ron Howell & his “helpers” for your work in getting us loaded up to leave.


We had a very special guest, Ms. Brenda Brumfield, who is the Director of Community and Government Relations at the Muncie Chamber of Commerce! We were so glad she could be with us. She said that she was “fired up” about the program! We are too! We’re so happy we have the chance to spread the word to others around the country!


Next up, our last stop in Indiana: Mount Healthy Elementary in Columbus, IN!