On this beautiful October day, ·we kicked off the Super Citizen Program at Engelhard Elementary in Louisville, KY!

Engelhard is a unique and diverse school. Ms. Regina Jackson, the Family Resource Center Coordinator, shared with us how that around 15 languages are spoken by students at this school! Ms. Jackson and other teachers at Engelhard believe that the Super Citizen Program is a great way for these students to understand what it means to be an American and a good citizen. We believe that this will be true at Engelhard and at schools across the country!

We enjoyed visiting with the faculty, staff, and students at Engelhard and seeing the beautiful murals around the school with depictions of the Kentucky Derby! The school sits in the heart of a neighborhood full of Louisville and Kentucky history. Many big, old homes surround the campus!

Thank you to Ms. Jackson for bringing the Next Great Americans Tour to your school! Also thank you to Principal Teresa Myer for having us and to Mr. Justin Elliott for your help as well!

We were also happy to have Diane Porter from the Jefferson County Board of Education join us for the show!

We are off to Evansville, Indiana tomorrow! Our tour rolls into Fairlawn Elementary!