Hello, American Midwest! Today we visited Fairlawn Elementary in Evansville, Indiana!


The first thing we noticed at Fairlawn was the college and university banners hanging throughout the school. Fairlawn is part of a nationwide program called No Excuses University. They start preparing the students for college in elementary school! We also saw essays on the wall written by the students that told why they wanted to go to college after graduating high school! That’s thinking ahead!


The next thing we noticed was the big, beautiful auditorium! I have been to several elementary schools and I have never seen an auditorium this big in any of them. What a nice facility for the students at Fairlawn!


After the show I once again got the opportunity to talk to some of the students and answer their questions! They had some really great questions for me. I know that they are all excited to begin the Super Citizen Program!


We appreciate Mrs. Deborah Hughes for bringing us to Fairlawn, Mrs. Kelly for getting the program started today, and Principal Lisa Hale for having us at your school!


We were also excited to have some special guests today: Ms. Courtney Goad and Ms. Treda Obanor from the Fairlawn PTA and Ms. Sandra Matthews from the Our Times Newspaper in Evansville!


We had several helpers that helped us load in and out today. Thank you to all of them as well!


We are heading north tomorrow to Edgelea and Amelia Earhart Elementary in Lafayette, IN!