Wells Fargo’s Stephen Norris and Kerry Williams immediately knew the Super Citizen Program was an exciting educational initiative they could put their support behind. With a focus on financial literacy, civics, character, careers and history Wells Fargo didn’t hesitate to donate the funds needed to place the program in McDonnell Elementary School in 2014.

But it’s more than just educational resource kits place in classrooms, the company’s donation made it possible to kick off the program with Huntsville-based Liberty Learning Foundation’s Next Great Americans Bus Tour and live performance that serves to rally community support and excite students about the 10-week program long after the bus rolls away. 

In today’s 45-minute performance a full costumed Lady Liberty taught history, inspired national pride and gave context to how and why these 5th graders have such an important role in their communities and country.

“I thought that it was incredible! It’s so empowering to see such a clear message being given to kids that are so young,” says Norris. “Letting them know that they can be part of it and they’ve got a great future. It’s things that they can actually do. I thought it was empowering and exciting!

McDonnell Elementary principal, Laura Worshim reiterated the power of the program and the sponsors making it possible: “It is very important to be a good citizen and know what its like to give back to your community. I think this is going to be a fantastic program, and it’s something that they wouldn’t have otherwise if Wells Fargo hadn’t brought it.”

Students will culminate with a project-based lesson, Torch Teams, that brings learning full-circle and out into the community.  “Students will nominate, carefully select and, ultimately, honor local heroes on stage,” says LLF founder Patti Yancey. “It’s a process that involves the whole community and you can feel the gratitude going both ways.”

In a few months, we’ll return to the school for the Graduation Celebration where students will receive certificates, recite the Super Citizen Pledge and honor their local heroes from stage. The public is invited. Check the schedule for dates and times as they are subject to change.