Our team had the privilege of visiting a school on a military base again today! We stopped by Ft. Rucker Elementary in Ft. Rucker, AL! All of the students at Ft. Rucker are military dependents living on the base.


Ft. Rucker Elementary was very fortunate that Boeing donated three Super Citizen kits to the school! I know that the students and faculty are very grateful for Boeing’s generosity! It is through that type of benevolence from individuals and businesses that we are able to do what we do- teach, inspire, and empower the Next Great Americans!


Principal Vicki Gilmer shared with everyone at the show today, that not only were all of the students’ families serving in the military, but many of the staff at Ft. Rucker Elementary had also served as well. We are thankful to all of them!


We were so happy to have Mrs. Kimberly Crutchfield join us today as well. Mrs. Crutchfield is the wife of Brig. Gen. Anthony G. Crutchfield. He is the commanding general at Ft. Rucker. Mrs. Crutchfield is dedicated to helping the soldiers’ families on the base. You can see an article about this Super Citizen here: http://www.army.mil/article/45243/Fort_Rucker_community_gains_new_1st_lady/


Our team also wants to say a huge “thank you” to all of the FRE staff that helped us load in and load out…and watch Baby Liberty! We appreciated the help, and she appreciated the attention!


Next we head to Mobile, Alabama to George Hall Elementary!