Peggy Jaye and Justin Houchin represented Georgia Pacific at today’s event. “I’m moved by the enthusiasm the students show,” says Jaye. “And the excitement you can feel as they learn about how important it is to be good citizens, to recognize heroes in their communities, and to put that example into their own lives so they can be Super Citizens. Georgia Pacific is pleased and proud to be part of the Liberty Learning Program and we see the many benefits that come back to us in this future generation that will lead our country.”

Today, 2nd graders from Early County Elementary filled the cafeteria. After finishing 10 weeks in the Super Citizen Program, they are gathered to celebrate their accomplishments and honor local heroes from the stage.

Thanks to Mr. Palmer and his very hands-on teaching, these students have begun learning about their important roles in America’s future. The “Hands on Liberty” DVD series and accompanying activities and lesson plans teach crucial lessons in civics, character, financial literacy and social studies to the tech-centric generation. And in the closing piece of the program, Helping Hands, students are applying those crucial lessons in the real world.
Students chose heroes who embodied the traits of amazing citizens and read essays from stage before presenting them with Liberty Pins. They learned that “when you honor a hero, you become a hero!”
Today’s event and the donation of Super Citizen teaching kits was made possible by Georgia Pacific. With their help, we are teaching, inspiring and empowering our Next Great Americans.
See heroes honored and a glimpse of the exciting event in the gallery below!
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