Today, November 7th, the outstanding Super Citizens from Hartselle Intermediate joined together to honor heroes, receive certificates and pledge to continue their journey as our Next Great Americans.

Clearly, with the lessons they have learned from Libby Liberty™ and their excellent teachers, they are ready to take their communities by storm!

The students are engaged and excited about civics, character, financial literacy, careers and their roles in America’s future. And after participating in “Torch Teams,” a project-based learning activity, they are ready to apply those lessons in the real world.

Today, they honored each of their chosen local heroes with Authentic Liberty Replicas – and they read essays on why their heroes were making tremendous impacts in their communities and our country.  Heroes honored today were: Michelle Hopper – EMT, John Gissell – Veteran, James Glenn – Veteran, Frank Harville – Veteran, Todd Cline – Mechanical Engineer, Charlie Parker – Veteran, Arv Hickerson – Veteran, the late Ray Key – Preacher, Chris Hemming – Firefighter, Brian Kolfage – Veteran, John Sims – Veteran and Chris Bomar – Active Military

Students received their Super Citizen Program Completion Certificate from their school’s Principal Mr. Gaylon Parker.  They took the Super Citizen Pledge: to uphold the lessons they have learned and make a difference in their communities and country.  These students truly saw first hand that when you honor a hero, you become a hero. The Super Citizen Program was made possible at Hartselle Intermediate by the generous sponsorship of Nucor Steel.