This afternoon The Next Great Americans tour bus made a stop at Ingram-Pye Elementary in Macon, GA!

After our show I spoke with Principal Mary Sams. She was excited about implementing the Super Citizen program at her school. She told me how she was just recently talking to the teachers at Ingram-Pye about how she would like to see social studies taught in a way that makes it “come alive!” I couldn’t help but get excited when I heard that! I love to hear from educators who understand the importance of teaching subjects like history and social studies in a way that makes it as exciting as it should be! History is the story of why we are the way we are today! Everyone loves a good story. It’s just all in the way you tell it. Our students need to understand the achievements and mistakes in our past so that we can make good decisions about our future!

I think that Ms. Sams is going to be very excited when the Super Citizen program is implemented at Ingram-Pye. It is designed to do exactly what she is looking for: make history come alive while including other required subjects, such as math and science as well! The faculty and students are in for a treat!

Thanks so much to those that helped us set up today, and to Ms. Loraine Adams for bringing the Next Great Americans tour to Macon, GA!

Tomorrow we are thrilled to be in Ft. Stewart, GA at Diamond Elementary!