Today we kicked off the Super Citizen Program at Holice Powell Elementary in Dyersburg, TN!

Holice Powell’s principal Ms. Alice Seratt brought us to the school. The entire staff was so kind and accommodating! It was like working with old friends!

Although the students were surprised by our visit, that did not dampen their excitement! We heard so many kind and encouraging words from the teachers today! After the program was over I took lots of pictures with some sweet students. It was a pleasure to get to visit with all of them!

Ms Tanya Sierra from the State Gazette also joined us today. It was great to see her and all of the faculty at Holice Powell singing just as loud as the students! What a fun time!

Every time we see and hear the teachers and faculty at a school so energized and excited about what we are doing, it reminds us how much our students in this country will benefit from the Super Citizen Program. It also reminds us how much we believe in the mission of the Liberty Learning Foundation to place the Super Citizen kits in every elementary school in the country free of charge! We want every student to finish elementary school understanding the important role that they play in our country’s future!

Thank you to Ms. Seratt for brining us to Holice Powell, and for such a wonderful experience!

Tomorrow our team heads to Clarksville, TN to Burt Elementary!