We wrapped up our East Tennessee week on Friday at Sycamore Elementary in Cookeville, TN!

Sycamore is a school with a long history! This school dates back to at lest 1876! There is a brief history of the school on their web site. This history is told by former students and teachers. They tell stories of log schoolhouses, and 3-month long school years among other interesting facts.

It made me think of how much our schools have changed since this country began. The schoolhouse environment among other aspects are very different. But, the need for parents and other caring people in the local community to be involved in the education of  a town’s (or a nation’s) children is still the same, and always will be.

There is no substitute for a caring and involved parent in a child’s education or life. No one can make a bigger difference! I’m sure most teachers would tell you the same thing: a parent’s involvement in their child’s school and education can change everything!

But, just because you don’t have children doesn’t mean that you have nothing invested in our students. It may sound cliche, but these children are our future, and their education can be greatly enhanced by community involvement! Our hope at the Liberty Learning Foundation is that individuals in towns around this country will invest in America’s future through our children!

Principal Ed Wheaton and Coach Marty Cook expressed how delighted they are that the Super Citizen program is bringing patriotism to the classroom. Everyone at Sycamore was wonderful to work with!  We even got to drive the big blue Next Great Americans tour bus through the town square in Cookeville to get a good look at their weekend town-wide BBQ! Looked like fun!

Next on the itinerary: Leoma Elementary in Leoma, TN!