So, I keep thinking that we have seen the biggest school auditorium out there, but I keep being proven wrong! Friday we visited Jackson Intermediate School in South Bend, Indiana, and wow- that is a nice auditorium!


We kicked-off the Super Citizen Program for the big 5th grade class at Jackson! When I came out of my crate, I was surprised to see so many of the auditorium chairs filled!


The students and teachers were all very excited after the show to begin the Super Citizen Program. We took lots of pictures together. I could tell that this is a fun group of students! Everyone wanted to know more details about the program and what is involved!


Mr. Ken Spalding brought us to Jackson. He spoke to us about how he appreciates the fact that the Super Citizen Program educates the students about me, Lady Liberty. He said that it is great that the students can learn about such an enduring symbol of freedom that has meant so much not only to early immigrants coming to America, but still means so much to so many today. He also was excited about the cross-curricular nature of the lessons in the program!


Thank you to Mr. Ken Spalding for bringing us to beautiful Jackson Intermediate School! We appreciated your help before, during and after the show Friday! We also appreciate the other teachers that gave us some great feedback after the program!


Monday we head off to Kokomo, Indiana and Taylor Intermediate School!