On Friday we visited Lester Elementary in Florence, South Carolina!


The first thing that I noticed at Lester was all of the signs that say “E.S.P.” You see, Lester Elementary is a school with E.S.P.!! So, did they “sense” that the Super Citizen Program would be a great asset to their school? Well, maybe…but, E.S.P. stands for Extra Special People in this case! Lester has a large special needs population, and the staff there do a great job! Principal Gregory Mingo says this about his school: “Theodore Lester Elementary is a school with “Extra Special People.” The rapport and collaboration among our staff enable us to effectively meet the needs of our students. Lester’s students are enriched by the diversity of the school’s population and have developed an appreciation for the unique talents of others.”

We had lots of parents at our show at Lester Elementary! We’re always so glad to see the parents show up to support the students!

We were also glad to have Ms. Tonya Brown of WPDE NewsChannel15 on hand for the show as well!

All of the students at Lester were energetic and enthusiastic. They are blessed to have such a caring staff and involved parents! I think that the Super Citizen Program will help this school with their special and diverse needs for every student!