This morning kicked off the Super Citizen and Hands on Learning programs at Chelsea Park Elementary.  300 2nd and 5th grade students gathered together to hear about Liberty Learning’s civic education program and you could feel the excitement stirring. Libby Liberty™, the Statue of Liberty herself came to tell the kids all about it.  Having jumped off her pedestal in NYC, she traveled all the way to Chelsea, Alabama to proclaim her message of freedom and hope.  Assistant Principal, Mary Anderson welcomed the students and the special guests from Alatrade Foods, LLC.  Libby Liberty™ appeared to a swell of emotion from the students and they attentively listened to her tell her story.  The message that they will hear over the ten week program is one of hope, freedom and liberty.  The students will choose and honor a local hero in their community and at the end of the program, honor them with a Lady Liberty replica made of actual material from when she was first built.  Liberty Learning Foundation will return to celebrate with the students of Chelsea Park in November and they look forward to many more years of educating and empowering Super Citizens all across our state and the country.