Our team was so excited to be in Nashville, Tennessee today at Jones Paideia Magnet School! Jones Paideia brought the excitement and enthusiasm to a whole new level! Even the balcony was full of students who were ready to sing and ready to become Super Citizens!

After our show, Jones Paideia’s principal, Dr. Debra Smith, recognized their energy and led them in a chant of U.S.A.! It was fun and inspiring! Then, I got to meet and talk with several of the students. These boys and girls were so full of kindness, warmth, and questions!! I was glad to be able to talk with them and answer their inquiries about me and about the Super Citizen Program. They were very ready to get started!

As always, it is so encouraging to hear teachers and other school faculty share with us how much they feel that this program is needed in our schools today. We think so too. It’s why we do what we do.

Thank you to Dr. Smith for being so accommodating (and flexible!) We completely enjoyed visiting with your energetic students!

Tomorrow is the last of our Tennessee stops, but we have TWO shows around Jackson, TN at Beech Bluff Elementary and Nova Elementary!