Well, I know one thing after today: Downtown Elementary Academy in Columbus, GA is an exciting place to be!

We rolled into downtown Columbus, GA this afternoon ready for a fun and educational time, but we were blown away by the enthusiasm of this large group of students! After a great program, and a rousing rendition of “You in the USA,” I got so many hugs and high fives from the awesome kids at Downtown Academy! It was a pleasure to meet all of them!

After the program I was honored to speak with Columbus City Councilman Bruce Huff. Mr. Huff shared with me about his passion for children and for education. His own mother was a school teacher for many years, so this is a cause close to his heart. He even brought his son, Bruce Huff Jr. along to see the show! We are so grateful to get to know passionate people like Mr. Huff who want to make a difference in their world!

Principal Tonya Douglass is also one of these passionate people. She helped us kick things off, wrap things up, and keep everything running smoothly! Thanks Mrs. Douglass!

At the end of the show today Mr. Huff asked the students at Downtown Academy to repeat “I am the Next Great American!” I couldn’t agree more! This is just the beginning for these amazing students!