On Dec. 5th, 2013, students from Orchard, Eichold-Mertz, Booth, Calcedeaver and Fonde Elementary Schools came together at Davidson High School auditorium to celebrate completion of the 10-week Super Citizen Program!

Parents, teachers, press and community leaders were on hand as students took the Super Citizen Pledge, sang with Lady Liberty and received graduation certificates. In the most moving part of the event, students honored 21 local Torch Teams heroes including Superintendent Martha Peek, a Marine, a teacher and a 3rd grade students. See the photo gallery below for all heroes!

After the celebration, a lovely reception was held for our VIPs. Alabama Power employees and volunteers including Mike Lawson, Hill Carmichael, Sam Covert and Beth Thomas were also in attendance to help us celebrate the graduation of these most impressive Super Citizens!

Press Coverage: