Wednesday, September 16th, The Next Great Americans Tour bus parked outside Monte Sano Elementary School. Students from kindergarten through sixth grade filled the floors and lined the walls of the little lunchroom anxiously awaiting Libby Liberty™. Today marked the kick-off of Liberty Learning Foundation’s Super Citizen Program in Monte Sano and what is ahead of these great citizens will be very special. Libby Liberty™ brought with her lessons of freedom and the children will learn even more over the next few weeks.

The Super Citizen Program will be implemented into the classroom and will teach the students important lessons in civics, social studies, career readiness, financial literacy and character. The students will nominate and honor a local hero in their community with a special award at their graduation.

Parents, teachers and community leaders surrounded the students today and cheered them on to greatness. The Liberty Learning Foundation is excited to see how this little school will make a big difference in their community.