Today more than 475 elementary students from Montgomery County Schools came together to kick off the Super Citizen Program for 2016. They waved flags, wore Statue of Liberty crowns and counted down for Libby Liberty™ to take the stage. On three huge screens “live video” shows her Next Great Americans tour bus pulling up to the school, her exiting the bus and then, the real-life Libby walks out from behind the screens!

The lady in green brought history to life and introduced students to the 10-week civic, character, financial literacy and social studies program they will begin when her bus rolls away. She told them that they already have the most important title in the world: “CITIZEN.” 

“It’s vital and essential. Until you have experienced this last hour I experienced, you can’t really appreciate it. You really feel good about our young generation today, the spirit, the energy that’s here … I know that at the end of these 12-weeks they’re going to be better citizens.” – Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange

Today’s event also included a ribbon-cutting ceremony with Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce, Mayor Todd Strange, School Board Members Durden Dean & Melissa Snowden, and Dr. Austin with AUM and Chamber members. The community rallied together to show its commitment to Montgomery’s children.

Students in multiple grades are participating in the Super Citizen Program. The younger grades are taught by an innovative civic education program starring Mr. Palmer (the hand-puppet host of the “Hands on Liberty” DVD series). Upper elementary grades learn from the original Super Citizen Program kit that features DVD-based lessons, class activities and the emotional, unforgettable “Torch Teams” project-based learning experience. In Torch Teams, students team up, nominate, vote for and, ultimately, honor local heroes from stage at their graduation later this year. They learn that “When you honor a hero, you become a hero.”

Today’s event and the injection of civic learning is free to schools because of generous community sponsors who understand that these crucial lessons must be taught – despite school time and budget constraints.

Become a sponsor. Power the movement.


Were you at the event? See the photo gallery below to find yourself, to revisit the magic or watch it unfold for the first time >