Tuesday, October 20th, 275 students from Morgan County (Lacey Springs, Eva & Sparkman Elementary) kicked off the Super Citizen Program. They filled the bleachers of the Lacey Springs gymnasium waiting for Lady Liberty to make her appearance. The lady in green had jumped off her pedestal and traveled all the way from New York City to bring these students a story of freedom!

She shared her history, what she stands for and how she is a monumental reminder of the hope, opportunity and freedom we have in this country.

The Super Citizen Program, presented by Liberty Learning Foundation is a 10-week program that helps educators teach crucial lessons in civics, financial literacy, social studies, career development and, above all, character.

At the end of the program, students apply these lessons in the real world by nominating and honoring a local hero of their choosing. They learn that “when you honor a hero, you become a hero.”

The students were surrounded by the amazing teachers of their schools and the Hartselle Enquirer was there covering the event.  The students left singing the Next Great Americans Tour theme song “You in the USA.” After the bus pulled away, the students were excited to make a difference in their community – and to begin the journey to becoming our Next Great Americans.