The Next Great Americans tour made its last Indiana stop today at Mount Healthy Elementary in Columbus, Indiana!


Yes, it is Monday. Yes, this program was first thing this morning…however, by the time it was over the Mount Healthy students were wide-awake and ready to take on the week! As I commented during the show, I doubt that any of them have ever sung a song that loud on a Monday morning! But, we definitely got their week started off with a bang!


We talked with Principal Jeff Backmeyer after the show. He was telling us how he liked the fact that the program recognizes past Great Americans and their accomplishments, but also that we emphasize how these Great Americans started out just like the students that we visit at elementary schools everywhere. That is one of the things that I think is so great (and unique) about our country. Americans have the opportunity to work hard and be successful even if they don’t begin life with lots of money or status.  Americans can pursue what makes them happy, starting at nothing, and becoming great! This is something I believe is worth preserving, and it is one of the reasons I believe so strongly in the Super Citizen Program and what it teaches.


Mr. Backmeyer also used to teach 4th & 5th grade, which is currently right where the Super Citizen Program is aimed (although, there are currently lessons being developed to continue this program through middle and high school). He said that when he saw what was included in the program, that it “hit home.” He knew that this would be perfect for the Mount Healthy students!


We had several homeschooling students visit us today! We were excited to see them at our show! I think that they will find the Super Citizen Program to be flexible enough to fit perfectly into their curriculum as well!


Thanks so much to Ms. Jennifer Justis for bringing The Next Great Americans Tour to Mount Healthy Elementary and to Mr. Backmeyer for welcoming us! We had a great time!


We are currently making the long journey through the mountains to Morganton, North Carolina where we will visit Mull Elementary!