Our second stop in the Bluegrass State was today at Sorgho Elementary in Owensboro, Kentucky!


Principal Beverly Dawson introduced the show, and the Sorgho students began by singing the national anthem- great job!


I get “delivered” to the performances in a crate…a little bit like the ones that shipped me to America about 125 years ago! But, I always need a little help getting out of the crate. Today, I was privileged to have two veterans of the US military help me out! Daviess County Police Officer Randy Lowe and recently retired veteran and current Sorgho Elementary staff Dale Dollins pried open the crate this morning so that I could speak with the students at Sorgho! We were just excited that they could be there, but it was a special bonus that they could help out with the performance!


Sorgho Elementary has a tradition of patriotism in their school! Not only do they go all out for Veteran’s Day, but they also had a state senator come talk to the students last week and explain how the US government works! He explained separation of powers among other things. They are excited to get started with the Super Citizen Program to help teach “America” to the students at Sorgho!


All of the students and staff at Sorgho were very helpful. Thank you to our “load-in” and “load-out” team that helped us with everything. Also thank you to Assistant Principal Ray Roth for your help and to Ms. Laura Cecil for bringing us to the school!


Tomorrow we head to Campellsville, Kentucky to Taylor County Elementary!