Liberty Learning Foundation kicked off its Super Citizen Programs today at Pike Liberal Arts. The second and third grade students entered the lunch room with anticipation and reverently waited for Libby Liberty™ to take the stage. Principal Becky Baggett welcomed the students and the special guests of Troy Bank and Trust.

With a prayer by Sidney Scott, the Pledge of Allegiance led by Luke Barron, then the beautiful voice of Kasey Bell singing the National Anthem, Libby took the stage.

Libby Liberty™ shared her history and how she represents the freedom, opportunity and hope on which our country was founded.  The students excitedly jumped to their feet to celebrate in song and motion with “You in the USA” and Libby closed the program with an important call to action; to be a Super Citizen and make our communities and country a better place.

Troy Bank and Trust generously sponsors this program at Pike Liberal and they were in attendance today to help us kick things off!  Liberty Learning Foundation cannot wait to see how these fantastic students at Pike Liberal grow into outstanding Super Citizens.