On Monday, October 12th, 185 Pinecrest Elementary students gathered together to kick off the Super Citizen Program.

They could not believe their eyes when Libby Liberty™, all the way from New York Harbor, stepped off onto the stage. She brought history to life, led them in song and introduced them to the 10-week Super Citizen Program they’ll begin when her tour bus rolls away.

The Liberty Learning Foundation is thrilled to help these Pinecrest fifth graders implement crucial lessons in civics, social studies, character, financial literacy and career development into the classroom before we return for graduation.

Thelocalissue.com covered the event today and the gymnasium was lined with parents and local heroes in support of the students.  In about 10 weeks, the students will graduate from the Super Citizen Program, take the Super Citizen Oath and honor individuals in their community who they believe to be “Super Citizens.”

As Libby Liberty™ pulled away in her bus, she was filled with hope and excitement for the students of Pinecrest as they embark on this wonderful journey to becoming “Super Citizens.”