Today more than 130 seventh graders from Beverlye Magnet School in Dothan gathered together for the first-time ever American Character Program Kickoff and a very revealing performance by Libby Liberty™ . The American Characters Program that they will experience in the weeks ahead is a continuation of the groundbreaking Super Citizen civic education program that has been taught for the past four years.

In this 30-minute theatrical performance, Libby Liberty™ (actress Kristen Sharp) reflects on the characters she has played and the kind of character it takes to go from small-town to Broadway and back again. Kristen’s powerful story challenges the students at Admiral Moorer Middle School to discover their own true character through perseverance, self-esteem, service and … song

These crucial lessons are being taught thanks to funding from the Houston County Community Alliance, Dothan Mayor Mike Schmitz, Houston Economic Development Association, Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce, The Dove Family Foundation, Kirkland Jewlery, John Watson, Stifel-Merchant Capital, Mark Saliba, and SunSouth Equipment-Dothan who understand that these lessons must be taught despite school budget cuts.

Did you see today’s event? Were you as emotional as we were? Will you help us continue this amazing mission? 

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