We always try to put on the best show possible for every group of students at every school, but sometimes the school also puts on a great show for us! This was the case today at Shallowford Falls Elementary in Marietta, GA!

As the program began and the students settled in, Principal Dr. Doreen Griffeth led the students in the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag, then she introduced Shallowford Falls’ music teacher, Ms. Donna Swan. Ms. Swan had prepared the students for our arrival by teaching them a wonderful old patriotic song, “My Country Tis of Thee.” The students sang a beautiful rendition that almost brought a tear to my eye! Next, they all sang a song about me which included lines from the famous poem “The New Colossus.” It was all just so lovely! The Shallowford Falls students definitely have some very nice singing voices, and we so appreciated hearing those wonderful songs! Thank you to Ms. Swan and to the students for their preparation!

We were also excited to have Liberty Learning Foundation ambassador, Becky Riggio at the show today. She is helping us out in the Marietta area where she teaches middle school!

WWII veteran Chief Warrant Officer Bill Shields has joined us for several of our programs so far. Having him there always adds something very special to the day. We hope he will drop by and visit us again in the future!

At the end of the program the students gave an encore performance of their songs. All in all it was a delightful day at Shallowford Falls. Thanks to Principal Griffeth and all that made it possible.

Whitehead Road Elementary in Athens, GA–you’re next! See you tomorrow!