175 second and fifth graders gathered today, September 17th, at Jones Valley Elementary School. The students sat shoulder to shoulder in the floor of the lunchroom looking up in anticipation as Libby Liberty™ presented to them the Super Citizen Program.

She enlightened the students with her true history, including her measurements when on her pedestal in New York City, on Liberty Island. She told them what it was like to watch ships sail past her bringing many different people seeking hope, opportunity and freedom.

The Super Citizen Program is a civic education program that teaches financial literacy, social studies, career readiness and character in the classroom over the next 8-10 weeks.

Libby Liberty™ performed an exciting, interactive program introducing the program and the students listened with excitement and raised their voices with Libby singing “You in the USA” which is the theme song of the Next Great Americans Tour. Great things are ahead for these future super citizens. The Liberty Learning Foundation, parents and teachers cannot wait to see what is ahead for these future super citizens.