Southside High School Auditorium was packed with 800 fourth and fifth graders on Thursday waiting for Lady Liberty to take the stage.  Lady Liberty, Libby for short, brought the students lessons of freedom and citizenship through an interactive and captivating performance.

The students will begin a Super Citizen program over the next weeks that will be integrated into their classrooms.  The Liberty Learning Foundation furnishes the program to schools for teaching young Americans civics, financial literacy and social studies.

The students will honor a local hero in their community and present them with a very special award for their service and devotion to their community and country.  The schools in attendance were: Hokes Bluff School, Gaston Elementary, Ivalee Elementary, Duck Springs Elementary, Whitesboro Elementary, Glencoe Middle School, Highland Elementary, Carlisle Elementary, West End Elementary, Southside Elementary and John S Jones Elementary.  All of these schools celebrated in the excitement of the program and the Liberty Learning Foundation looks forward to the bright future of these super citizens.