Well, I have been humming a certain Beach Boys song all day today as we visited Kokomo, Indiana! 🙂 We stopped by Taylor Intermediate School, and visited with some awesome students and teachers!


Principal Stan Williams gave us a warm welcome this morning, and helped to introduce the program. It was a pleasure meeting Mr. Williams who told us how he was initially interested in the Super Citizen Program because of the citizenship and character building aspects. Then, when he found out about the patriotic aspect as well, that was an added bonus! Mr. Williams even laid out the kit in the room where we held the presentation so that the teachers could stop by and examine the contents, which include great Scholastic books, a DVD, Statue of Liberty crowns for the students, and much, much more!


After the show I again got the opportunity to answer lots of questions from the 5th grade classes. I always love to hear the students questions! Many of the students, just like the teachers, wanted to know what was in the Super Citizen Kit that their school had obtained.  If you would like to know more about this Super Citizen program that I talk (and write) so much about, just follow this link to get started: https://libertylearning.org/patriotic-products/super-citizen-program-kit-inspires-super-citizens


We were so glad to have special gues Jeff Keller from the Taylor Community School Corporation school board. He not only visited with us, but he also helped to get me out of my crate, which I am always grateful for! It’s dark in there!


And thank you to Principal Williams for bringing us to Taylor Intermediate! We had a great time!


Tomorrow our tour makes a stop in Indianapolis, Indiana at Nora Elementary!