The Next Great Americans Tour made a stop at Leoma Elementary in Leoma, TN today! These students are beyond excited about becoming a Super Citizen! Principal Cathy Burns kicked off the presentation with a list of Great Americans. When she did, the students at Leoma showed their knowledge of history and appreciation for the contributions of great people like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., and Helen Keller! It was so wonderful to hear their applause when these names were listed. It was a great reminder that in the future, today’s students could have their name on a list of Great Americans!

Ms. Burns said that many of the teachers had been going over facts about me (Lady Liberty) before the show to get the students ready. She was also glad to have a program bringing American history to the school so close to the day of remembrance that we had this past weekend on 9/11. We were happy we could be at Leoma and bring the Super Citizen program which will continue to promote appreciation for all we have in our great country!

We had many special guests today including Howard Johnson from The Lawrence County Advocate, Charlie Crawford from the Democratic Union Newspaper, and  Shannon Watson from the Lawrence County School District. We were so glad to see the community coming out to support their local school!

Thank you to Ms. Burns for your help and for your love of your students! It shows!

Tomorrow we head to Dyersburg, TN to Holice Powell Elementary!