Thompson Elementary School kicked off the Super Citizen Program with Liberty Learning Foundation today.  The gymnasium was overflowing with students stomping and shouting with excitement for Libby Liberty™.  The Next Great Americans Tour Bus was parked outside and they gazed in wonder as they walked into the building this afternoon.  Libby Liberty™ was received with a roar from the students as she walked out and shared the program with them.  They were tuned into the performance as they heard about the 10-week program that helps educators teach civics, character, financial literacy and social studies in the limited school day.

The students will learn more about the history of our country, their rights and freedoms and they’ll celebrate by honoring a local hero in their community.  Hands raised across the room when Libby Liberty™ asked the students if they already had  a hero in mind to honor, and they cheered when they heard that they would get to hand their hero a Lady Liberty replica at the end of the program.

These students were special, they had the enthusiasm and passion to truly step up to the challenge of becoming a Super Citizen themselves.  Their teachers and leaders were there in support as well as special guests from the Willis Foundation who are the heroes who sponsored this program at Thompson today.  As the Liberty Learning Foundation says: “when you honor a hero, you become a hero.”