A Virtual Super Citizen Graduation at Troy Elementary School

We all know this school year is “different,” to say the least. One thing that remains consistent: students are completing the Super Citizen Program, honoring local heroes and learning lessons that are more important than ever. 

This year, 2nd and 3rd graders took up the challenge of becoming Super Citizens and excelled beyond our imagination!

The Super Citizen Program helps educators teach civics, character, financial literacy, careers and service-learning in ways that engage, excite and empower students. Traditionally, the closing of the program involves large gatherings where students honor local heroes who embody the concepts they are learning and practicing in schools. In 2020, of course, that “Graduation Celebration” looks a little different. But the impact is still evident and lasting for students—and the heroes they highlight.


The Liberty Learning Foundation events and education teams bring Libby Liberty™ on to video screens in schools and at home where the Statue of Liberty-styled actress congratulates them on their success, leads them in the “Super Citizen Pledge” and invites them to send in photos and videos of them honoring their heroes. Each school and grade level is different in its approach this year but we receive heartfelt, moving videos of students reading essays to front-line workers, to veterans, to teachers and more … all proving they are living our motto: “When you honor a hero, you become a hero.”

Many schools are holding their Celebrations in the classroom, masked and socially distanced. Many are in libraries. And some are coordinating virtual celebrations with students at home. The teachers’ commitment to the Super Citizen Program (especially when it might be easier to “skip the COVID year”) is a heartwarming testament to the importance of teaching our Next Great Americans how to be just that: truly great. 

Congratulations to this year’s Super Citizens, their heroes and the educators on the front lines ensuring their success.

And a huge THANK YOU to Troy Bank and Trust who made the entire program free-of-charge for schools.

See photos & videos below.