Nearly 400 students packed the cafetorium at Troy Elementary Wed. morning to welcome the Next Great Americans Bus Tour. The room was electric as the students counted down for Libby Liberty™ to take the stage. Over the next 45 minutes, the costumed Statue of Liberty actress brought history to life, lead them in singing songs and introduced them to the 10-week Super Citizen Program they will begin when the bus rolls away.

This performance, the free school curriculum and a graduation celebration are all part of Liberty Learning’s rock star-styled infusions of civics, character, financial lieracy and social studies. The movement is sweeping the state and is helping educators round out the equation for teaching outstanding citizens in a teach-to-teast era.

Today’s event, teacher training and program donation was provided by Troy Bank & Trust. In fact president / CEO Jeff Kervin took a moment to address the audience and reiterate the bank’s passion for all the lessons these Super Citizen will learn: the importance of citizenship, community, appreciation. All things he said his organization stands for.