On Jan. 14, 2014, the Next Great Americans Bus Tour Rolled into Clarke County for two tour stops in one day! 

First stop: Jackson Intermediate School. More than 160 fifth graders are participating in the Super Citizen Program. Principal Gwendolyn Wheeler also included fourth graders in the kickoff festivities so they could have a “sneak peek” and the program they will experience next year. Mrs. Wheeler also invited parents, city leaders and other VIPS to the Kickoff. The City of Jackson’s very own “Citizen of the Year,” Paul South was in attendance and was impressed with what the program had to offer. South is a Jackson City Councilmen and Mayor Proten. He was selected from the city and received the citizen of the year award. He said he believes that every day you have to wake up and make an effort to impact someone’s life somehow. Whether it be a smile, or a selfless act, that one action can turn you into a super citizen. He says the Super Citizen Program symbolizes just that!

Second stop was at Wilson Hall Middle School. More than 100 fifth graders gathered in the gymnasium to welcome Lady Liberty back to the middle school. This is the second year that The Super Citizen Program returned to Jackson Intermediate and Wilson Hall Middle School. 

For both events, Alabama Power’s Mobile Division Area Manager Sam Covert and local manager James Wheeler were in attendance. They say it’s important for the community to know they are supporting them in this truly wonderful experience. They look forward to the Celebration which is planned for this spring.