On this lovely day in “The Low Country” the Next Great Americans Tour made a stop at Angel Oak Elementary in beautiful John’s Island, South Carolina!


Principal Rodney Moore was very helpful to our team and got everything started for us this morning. At the end of the show he led the students in giving the show three “Angel Oak Owl Hoots!” I take it from the smiles and enthusiasm from the students that this was a good thing! I can honestly say that we’ve never gotten “hoots” from any other school!


Mr. Moore read off a long list of activities that Angel Oak will be facilitating this week in celebration of Veteran’s Day on Friday! This school really honors their veterans! They are having guest speakers (veterans), parades, and more! I’m glad we could help them to kick off such a special week. It just warms my heart to hear of our students in America, our Next Great Americans, honoring our current Great Americans. It’s like we always say at the Liberty Learning Foundation- our freedom isn’t free!


It just so happened that a special guest was able to stop by and see our show today as well! We were glad to have Ms. Lori Leary from the Kiawah-Seabrook Exchange Club! Did you know that the Exchange Club is celebrating 100 years of service this year?!


Thanks to Mr. Moore for bringing the Next Great Americans Tour to your school and for all of your help!


Next up: Belvedere Elementary in Belvedere, South Carolina!